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TO:      Faculty and staff

FROM:   Lenore M. Fielding, Principal

DATE:    October 21, 2008


At a recent meeting, department heads recommended that memos be processed on plain paper instead of preprinted forms. This recommendation is a cost-cutting measure that requires only a little more effort on the part of the keyboard operator.

The customary standard margins are used: 2” top margin; default (near 1”) side margins; at least a 1” bottom margin.

Standard double spacing separates memo parts, including paragraphs, which are individually single spaced. If someone other than the writer keys the memo, that persons initials should be keyed at the left margin a double space bellow the message or the keyboard operator’s initials (if any).

Headings begin at left margin. After TO: tab twice to key the name, after the others tab once.

Please use this format for several days; then let me know if you experienced any difficulties.


Another "just type the page" assignment :P



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yeh this is a default layout sometime the word MEMO is added to top, but please please do check company guidelines and layouts



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Agreed :D

Some companies have their own layout 8-)


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