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Well, you'll see why I wrote this when you read it so no use explaining...

To whom it may concern,
      I am writing in response to learning the media center will be open only on Fridays for success period, due to tutoring that will be taking place in the media center during success. I find this very upsetting and unsettling. The media center is a student’s first resource, a place to study and tutoring could be in a hundred other places, besides the media center.
   I feel you have taken our biggest resource away from us (the students). The media center is the place where most students will look first for information when given a project or assignment. Most students will utilize their success period and take advantage of the library, using it first for books or Internet resources, but without that vital block of time (success period), the student can only attempt to make it before or after school. A lot of students cannot make it before or after school, whether related to personal or transportation reasons beyond the students’ control. I myself have such problems, which also prevent my transportation to a public library. 
   The biggest complaint from students and teachers (that I hear) is that students do not appreciate success period, which most students think of it as a “free period”. This firstly is a very useless argument, as the students who are doing that, do that in every single class. So basically success period is the studious students’ time to seek help, or a quiet place to study. Now many of us are finding that our sanctuary from the noise and our information bank has been taken away from us, and we are forced back into our noisy classroom wondering what to do. Although this could develop problem-solving skills, it is very frustrating and stressful to the students to find themselves in that position. This issue of students not utilizing success period could be easily solved if the first four class periods were forced to give homework, or say the success period teacher gives the students review or other enforced work. This could boost grades, and prepare students for exams and tests. Also if the teachers had more control of the students; even if that means ISS is full during success, and if it stays full for too long maybe some other ominous punishment can be enforced on those who are blatantly disruptive. Of course the classroom situation being improved will not help when it comes to trying to research as our classrooms aren’t equipped with nonfiction books, computers and other information sources like a library.
   Does tutoring really have to be in the media center? They take up all of the tables, not allowing project doers or studiers a seat, and in my observations most of the students either do not show up, or show up with nothing to do, so does it really need to be every day? I understand tutoring is a very constructive program, and many students need some form of tutoring (although most know nothing about the service), but there are heaps of other places it can be. The biggest of those places is the commons area. The commons area is huge, and supports so many more students than tutoring currently have participating. It is in a central location, so it may be easier for those students to get to their next class, or come from their previous class. By the tutoring students being in the commons area, we (the studious students) get our library back without depriving those in tutoring of their chairs and tables or help. The biggest upset about this, is that the students participating in tutoring do not even need to use the library, and are preventing those who do need to use its services, such as the computers, the books or any other library component other than the space it provides. I feel it is wrong to prevent any student from effectively using success period, even if it is unintentional.
   Overall, students need to use the library, and without success period’s students have barely enough time (if they can reach the library before and after school) if any to do homework, projects or assignments if the library was their last resort, or their rock. Tutoring is a very beneficial program for participants, but is a large inconvenience and problem for those needing to use the room the program runs from.  Tutoring could easily be moved, resolving this problem.

Thank you for your time,
Jade Elizabeth



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LOL nerd :D



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You love it :D.


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