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The moment I  knew , when  you showed you no longer cared what happened to me

the moment I knew, you were short and impatient with me

the moment I knew,you said don’t cook for you anymore

the moment I knew, the last time we spoke, you told me to shut the f#&k up.

the moment I knew, you couldn't tell me to my face that you’ve been misleading me

the moment I knew, you only asked about my daughter well being

the moment I knew, when I saw the condom wrapper in your bedroom floor

the moment I knew,, you stop talking about us

the moment I knew, my heart  felt like I was having a heart attack

the moment I knew, I didn’t stop loving you

 the moment I knew, you never loved me back.

That moment a part of me died,along with the hopes & dreams of us being together. :(



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This is a confirmation of the fact that sometimes we just know without being told. It is almost as though the universe whispers it to us. It is especially as women that we know when we tune into out intuition.



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Yes, I agree. It just sucks to know you were right about someone especially  when your wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt.


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