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Spirit Guide
by Bryan Deakin

Tell me what to do,
My spirit guide,
I need your guidance,
with a matter of the heart,
A matter of my future,
Spirit guide, please help.

You are here to help,
To protect me, my spirit guide.
You are here to help,
to protect me when I need protection,
To help myself seek the answers,
Of the questions I have,
Dear spirit guide, please help.

I need your wisdom
I need your connection
To the deities that care,
About matters of the heart
I know they will not allow a direct answer,
For that I must seek.
I need a direction on where to go,
What to do?
Whom I should speak too?
Help me please Spirit Guide!

© 2007 - 2008, Bryan Deakin



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Wow, I wrote one of these ones:


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