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The choice I made to believe,trust, & love you has made my life hell
I've been humiliated,ostracized,abandoned,homeless,friendless

Because I chose to love you

I'm no longer that same girl who hoped & dreamed for better tomorrow's while relishing in the present. I've become a ghost of my former self,wondering where did I go wrong?
My life has been on pause for awhile,have I been living or just going through the motions?

Because I chose to love you

I've been shunned by my own family, people avoid me at all cost
 Because I chose to love you

I spent 6 years of my young life trying to appease & heal you
But,while my intentions were pure,yours weren't
I have suffered tremendously,all because I believed & loved you

I can't remember who i wanted to be? Before the damage was complete
You said you would get me,ruin me & I stupidly thought you couldn't be so cruel

But,you proved me wrong when our little girl was born, you abandon us when you promised
You would be there,to be told by you that you couldn't stay one night with me at the hospital
Because you didn't want to leave your older children with their aunt,that hurt like hell.

I knew then you never truly loved me,you just said it. But never meant it.
All this,because I chose to love you.



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* Bunny gives cbprincess2 a huge hug *

I understand how it feels to truly love someone and sacrifice so much for them only to learn in the most painful of ways that they never loved you, not even close.

I hope you find your feet and begin rebuilding and learning who you want to be now, and try not to dwell on what you were. You're different now, and that's only a bad thing if you let it be :). Hopefully your family will gather around you and not continue to shun you as well, but they feel their trust has been broken too so you might find that takes a bit of time too. <3



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This is very good and heart felt. You can feel the pain as you read it and you can also relate to it. A good motivation for you to keep on writing is that you can as the reader enjoy it from start to finish!!



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Well there is so much information in your poem. If you believe in love, it will find you in time. Be positive. For one thing, your baby is a blessing. I have a cousin that had the same situation as yours but now she is in a new relationship. It is indeed because of our choices that we are in a particular situation. You fought for the relationship even though many opposed it because you loved the person. It's only when we are in a situation for long that you will know whether you did the right thing or not.



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Thorough disclosure is always a shocking treat. Brave in words, your writing tells a story. The readers must feel the pain while hoping for a resolution. You provided a kind conclusion which nicely ties up the entire piece.


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