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It's terrible what he does to me.

My heart flutter, my breath slow, my body weak.

 It's like he's a drug I cannot resist.

My vision dazed , my mind blurred.

I can't remember the bad.

Because of him I'm okay.

I still carry on another day so I can be with him.

Even though I will not show how much I really care trust me I do.

He took my heart.

As I took his.

Life will never be the same.

There will not be a moment in life where I will not consider him.

My thoughts are changing no longer is it just about I, It's about us.

Call it love.

At least I think.

The reason why I don't say is I fear I might push him away.

Like every other guy that left me alone.

The truth is I'm just a girl who tries to act tough and cover her feelings.

So that she will not be taken over again.

But... I just can't show the real me.

Because he might runaway.

So does he know...maybe.




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Wow I love this. It shows internal struggle and it's awesome :D.

Would you select an icon for it? Click the icon in your post and you will see a dropdown :D.


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