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Goodbye, I love you
DEDICATED to Julieanne

So young
So fast
No more
So horrible
I love you

WRITTEN: October 2006.
REVISION: Not a revision.
INSPIRATION: Julieanne was incinerated in a car crash...I was in shock..



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I saved the article..

My post from another forum:

In Australia I had a best friend called Julieanne. To be frank she wasnt always a nice person, and she had very lax morals, but I loved her the same. She was going through treatment for cysts in her ovaries/fallopian tubes, and before I left she had cried on my shoulder because she was told she may not be able to give birth. I had cried too, I couldnt live knowing that. She had always wanted to adopt...but it was a choice not because she would have to, which took the joy of the idea away from her.

I hadnt talked to her in ages, and I knew around the time she was starting to plan her party, which is actually on Halloween lol.
About a week before she died, I was praying (I was going through a god stage) and as normal I felt like I had a "line" up to god, like I was connected. Very suddenly she popped into the blackness infront of my eyes, and she smiled and laughed. The line was severed and I couldnt regain it for almost a month. At 2am late October, Rhianna, my soul sister, and Brayden, my best friend, called me.

"Hey guys!"
"Hey, are you sitting down?"
"No but I can, why?"
"Please sit"
"I have bad news"
"She's dead isnt she?"
"Someone told you?"
"No..I just know"

Two burn to death after car-petrol tanker crash
October 06, 2006 07:41am

TWO people have been burned to death after a petrol tanker slammed into their car on a highway in Melbourne's southeast.

The car had hit the rear of a broken down vehicle on the Princes Highway, and that collision forced it into the path of the oncoming truck, police said.

The car was engulfed in flames upon impact, and the damage was so severe that Victoria Police's Disaster Victim Identification Unit was sent to identify the two victims.

The petrol tanker, which carries aviation fuel, was empty at the time and Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) Commander David Bruce said it did not cause the explosion.

"The tanker was basically untouched ... it is not ruptured at all," he said.

Police spokeswoman Marika Fengler said a car had earlier broken down on the freeway in the Point Cook area, about 500m west of the Forsyth Road overpass.

"While the woman driver sought assistance from a passerby, police believe a second car struck the back of the broken down car pushing both vehicles along the road," she said.

"A fuel tanker has then hit the second car, which caught on fire."

The cab of the prime mover also caught alight on impact but the driver escaped without serious injury. He was taken to hospital as a precaution.

Four MFB units, with 14 firefighters, plus two units from the Country Fire Authority attended the crash scene about 7pm (AEST) last night.

Mr Bruce said the car was reduced to "basically a steel shell".

"We applied a large amount of foam to extinguish the flame. It was a fairly intense fire," he said of the firefighting effort.

"We will be returning to assist in extricating the bodies from the vehicle."

The double fatality takes Victoria's 2006 road toll to 249, 18 less than at the same time last year.

Basically, this woman stopped in the middle (3 lanes I believe) of the highway in the dark because her bonnet (USA: hood) flew off. She did not attempt to push her car from the road, nor did she leave lights on or put out hazard signs. Instead she went to the side of the road to call for help. My friend and her mother, who were undoubtedly chatting and smoking, came down the road. They both have bad eyesight, and they may have been playing with the radio, who knows. They hit this car in the middle of the road, and it pushed them into the right lane, where the truck hit them. The truck ignited, the cabby managed to get out safely (good thing), but my friend and her mother burned alive. The woman was safe on the side of the road, hopefully hanging up to call 000 (USA: 911).

The thing is, I blame the stupid woman who didnt put ANY lights on in the middle of the road. But I dont hold grudges. The scary thing is I know if I was still in Australia, I would have been in that car....But I wasnt. I'm okay with it, it took me a while to get used to it...I was so shocked I couldnt even write a decent poem...so I wrote my shock. I was really angry at everyone at first until I learnt more...when I understood the story I began to feel okay.



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darn jade that sucks *hugs*



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It does
* Bunny hugs back *


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