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Finally finished with the poem about Daddy I've been working on for weeks. I shared it with one of my best friends, and he cried saying it was beautiful and he loved it.               

I miss you, Daddy. I miss your loving arms. And I miss your kind voice. For me, Daddy, you were always there. And there will always be a special place somewhere within my heart that you will always own. Your love for me will always be known
To me for always. Daddy, you are gone now and everything you taught me shall remain with me. And no matter where I go, Daddy, what I do, I'll always remember you, your war and fire fighter stories. And even though you are gone, I'll never stop needing you, missing you. The memory of you, Daddy, shall never fade, there will always be a special place somewhere within my heart that you will always own. And although I'm sad you are gone, I know you are sitting in Heaven watching over me. I know, Daddy, I'll see you again, one day. And I know, Daddy, when I see you again, you'll have more stories for me, and I know I'll feel your loving arms around me, and hear your voice.Daddy, what I really want to say is, I love you, and I miss you from within that special place within my heart



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We have the same experience. My dad died already and I was in highschool when he died. Upon reading your poem, there is a part of my heart that wants to cry. I miss my father very much. I hope you will be able to cope well. For me in order to cope positively, I am thinking that he is now in heaven. Your poem is really a heartfelt one. You certainly loved him so much and surely he loves you so much too. It's very evident with your poem. In time, things will get better. Just believe.


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