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A Picture
by Bryan Deakin

As we move to the farm.

An old man,
In a corn field,
Boots caked with mud,
He doesn’t care,
He is happy, content,
Happy, love, cared for.

A typical person would say,
The couple are happier,
I would disagree,
What do you think?
Are you a typical person?
Or can you think outside,
The Picture.

 © 2004 - 2008, Bryan Deakin



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Oh that's cool. I'd say the farmer definitely. But then again my roots, my childhood, all came from a farm. I loved being dirty and running around with the animals we had there. Picking the fruits in the orchard. Catching bees in jars :lol:.

Nice poem :D.


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So I am a 31 yr old Poet/Singer/Actor.  From Scotland but due to job travel 7 months a year.  Lover of all things Finnish and Greek.

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