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Karma is a way of showing other members that you like or dislike what they post. Total like and dislike counts are displayed beside each members posts.

When giving members thumbs up or down you should let them know why in the description box!

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"Good info, thanks :)"
To Alvin, from elbitjusticiero at 02:34pm Sun, Jul 26, 2015


"I laughed a little too hard, sorry about your bin!"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 11:44pm Wed, May 13, 2015


"Impressed by your early industriousness!"
To Alvin, from JRose at 04:12pm Wed, Feb 4, 2015


"Good on you for taking that step!!"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 10:01pm Thu, Jan 29, 2015


To Alvin, from Bunny at 03:00pm Sun, Dec 7, 2014


"Great advice!"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 05:01am Thu, Nov 27, 2014


"Great points"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 06:58am Tue, Nov 11, 2014


"good way of thinking about life. "
To Alvin, from happyflowerlady at 11:52pm Thu, Sep 18, 2014


"Perfect answer, and good understanding of the subject. "
To Alvin, from KittyK at 07:07am Tue, Sep 9, 2014


"Great post ! Well thought out and exactly right. "
To Alvin, from happyflowerlady at 03:47pm Thu, Sep 4, 2014


"Excellent advice :D"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 07:28am Sun, Aug 24, 2014


"Good thinking!"
To Alvin, from Bunny at 07:27am Sun, Aug 24, 2014


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