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Another Poemsong by Nic Schell

I feel you starin' at me, sleepin'
At night, alone, I feel you creepin'
But I can't move my body
Every time I try, I feel you, closer to me dreamin'

In this tomb I call a body
My mind won't let me have control
I can't move, and I can't sleep
My deprivation takes its toll

How many times will I try screamin'?
Before I wake, that awful feelin'
I still can't move my body
Every time I try, I feel you down beside me kneelin'

Entombed, trapped in this body
Sometimes at night I can't control
If I dream, or if I sleep
This deprivatoin takes its toll

--- --- ---

There's a couple things I should explain lest I confuse.

1. I have/had a fairly common condition known as "sleep paralysis", where my brain will wake up before my body (something to do with misfires of something science-y blah blah.) I'm literally laying in bed, completely unable to move any part of my body, but my mind is fully alert. Part of this disorder includes vivid hallucinations where it FEELS like there is a being in the room that wants to hurt me.

2. As for the title, I simply ripped the S off of 'sleep' and glued it onto 'paralysis' because I'm awesome and can do things like that. SUCK ON THAT, LANGUAGE.

Thanks for reading!



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That sounds horrible!

But the poem is amazing!



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I like the poem too. Sounds pretty horrible to go through, I'm glad you've turned the experiences into something awesome though :D.



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Aaaah! The condition sounds terrifying! I'm pretty sure the poem is a good reflection of what happens to you. Very terrifying.


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