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I've started a mystery story. I've written the first few opening lines. Then I got to thinking, wouldn't it be fun if this story became a team effort. It would be interesting to see where our collective minds could lead. If this is allowed I'll start off with the beginning of the mystery. If not allowed, I'll come back as I think of more and add to the story and everyone's amusement. So here goes:

"Hush ," said the Duchess as she wiped the bloody dagger from her thigh. "Help me drag Sir Walter to the car." Without hesitation George rolled the body in the blood stained carpet.



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George knew better than to ask questions. After all, this was not the first time the Duchess had required his assistance with disposing of a body.



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With one hand on the wheel and the other flicking on his cigarette, he drove up the hill as accustomed, leaving the Duchess at the mansion. "You get what you want, Madam," he mumbled as he parked and reached for the shovel at the backseat, "now is not the time, but they'll get you one day."

Sweat and mud all over his body, George was anything but afraid. Whistling as he smokes his third, he sat on fresh soil ten feet above Sir Walter and his wife.


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