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I'm so confused. I'm trying to post but I don't know how to. I have artworks that I would like to show you. As well as trying to win that Melbourne show ticket!!
But really I'm a painter!



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Hi there! Welcome to Creative Burrow!!

Posting and sharing your work is really simple. You upload your work to somewhere like photobucket or tinypic and then you copy the code they say is "IMG" code.

Paste it into your post and it should work. Photobucket is a bit wonky at the moment so if you don't know how to remove the "[url=www.blah.com]" "[/url]" tags then just leave it and I will come in and fix it for you :).

Make sure you post your work in the right area too, so we know where to find it :D. For painting that is other art works until we get more awesome painters like yourself ;D.


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