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This is completely random, and I thought the random section would be a good place to post this.  This is by far my favorite forum ever.  I love logging on and reading what each of you has to say.  It is a place of very friendly people and I enjoy joining in the conversation.  I love to have intelligent conversations with people and writing is one of my many passions in life!



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I really enjoy this forum, too, Rosy; and I have even invited another friend that is a writer. I think she will like it here, too.
She used to write for a news website that she and I both worked for, so Judy and I have been friends for many years.

This has been a great place for me to try out some of my writing abilities, and I intend to post more stories as I have some of them written down.
I have also asked questions here, and learned a whole lot. Just the information that you yourself gave me about Bubblews inspired me to start using it, and now I am writing articles and stories there every single day. (Thank you for that ! )
In fact, one of my Bubblews articles was about Creative Burrow, and how much I like it. So, who knows, maybe we will also get some new people here from reading my Bubblews post ? ?

Then, I wrote and asked about a place to start a blog, and I soon received input on that, and now I also have my very own blog started. I still don't know exactly what I am doing with it, but the basics are there, and I am learning more about how it works as I go along.



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Don't forget the most important thing Rosy! You're part of this community too so you're just as awesome ;D.

Also I'm going to move this to feedback, it will brighten up the feedback area a lot ha ha. :D :D :D



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@happyflowerlady- I am glad I was able to provide you some good tips about Bubblews so that you felt inspired to use it.  I feel as though the world is a better place when we are all able to express ourselves creatively.  I am new to writing, myself, so there is a lot for me to learn as well.  I love that there is a forum like this, so we can all chat and discuss creative works and ideas.

It is so exciting that you were able to get your friend to join in the community here, I look forward to having conversations with her as well (hi Judy!)


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