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I wrote this just for fun a few days ago, the grammar is pretty bad but I think the content is pretty good. Enjoy!
Are Great Minds All Alike?

With out illustrious history of brilliance in every way, one must eventually question the adage that great minds think alike. Though this common enough phrase is put forth in situations not deserving of analysis, the deeper meaning of the term is worth considering. Einstein, one of the most well known and brilliant men who has ever lived. Tesla, one of the most brilliant men who has ever lived. Edison, the creator of one of the most influential inventions ever in history. Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the most influential invention in the last 1000 years. Are all of these men the same, of course not. But their mental structure according to this adage must be similar.
     One may offer the hypothesis that these men were born alike, but through their surroundings and life experiences were attracted to their respective fields. Why are some of them more famous than others, if they have equal genius? Why does one steal the fame of another, if they were both needed for the fame to be created? This is because while all great minds think alike, not all people with great minds act alike. Tesla, was barely known for his brilliance in comparison to Thomas Edison, while if we had continued the path of Edison's direct current, the sky would literally be blocked out by power lines. Tesla made alternating current which is what we use in our households today.
     Another possible viewpoint is the obvious one, not all great minds think alike. Every man was a genius in his respective field of study, in that they are alike, but their thinking process is different in nearly every way.
     What if the definition of a genius is it's literal one, to have a high enough mental capacity to soar above the minds of every other man and become what we end up determining as great?

What do you think?



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Sort of neglects George Westinghouse, who actually put AC current into our homes after a bitter war with Edison over it. Tesla was just the idea man there.



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Seems wrong to have a great idea stolen and then given credit for it.

I love the question, it's a very good question! I said that to you before when I read it, and it's a good take on it too :D. Well done :).


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