Yeah, ran out of sarcastic comments at the third number…but I still think four is an ugly number

At the time I had no friends. I hear myself saying that in a mafia way, with a slight accent, and cutting the air with my hand at “no friends”. I also have a mustache in this vision. My councilors had put me in a group (called girls club) to try and help me develop skills (like social etc) regarding my peers. They were all “be proactive” one week and I knew they were watching me but I couldn’t see anyone I wanted to be proactive towards. No one had a good aura. Then I saw her. She was walking towards the table I was sitting on and I saw her face and I was so compelled to meet her I jumped down, walked up and shook her hand and said “hi I'm jade, and I'm being proactive” then I whispered “the teachers are watching me, shake my hand!!” and she laughed and did so. Then I saw him. He was in a wheelchair and looked annoyed, but it didn’t shroud his aura at all, I did the same to him. Now Rhianna is my soul sister, we know each other inside out and cannot lie without it being seen through instantly, we can't hide our feelings either (I know that sounded really gay, but I didn’t mean it like that). Brayden is now my best friend, and he's always there to scold me and help me like any good gay male (my godfather is the same way “well look honey, you knew that was gonna happen!” type of cut to the chase stuff I needed at times).

Meeting them changed my life. I cannot replace them, and even though I'm overseas, I've remained close to Rhianna at least. Having her there made me realize I could be myself and be loved (non lesbian) and accepted. She helped me accept myself, and still today helps me when I stumble (I'm a clumsy thing so that’s often ;)). She is the greatest friend I've ever had, and I'd do anything for her, I'd jump in front of a bullet for her, if anyone hurt her they better be dead or far far away cause I'll be in their face within a heartbeat letting them know they have to knock me down to get to her, and I won't be moving. She feels the same about me.