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Do you think that violent lyrics in Music, Movies TV shows and Video Games that have violence cause people to be more violent.

Personally I think crazy people are crazy and will do stupid things regardless of what they see on TV but I do think there should be more regulation on guns and weaponry.



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I think that it's a feedback loop. Violent attitudes create violent media--or even nonviolent attitudes might create violent media--and the violence of the media can be taken by people in different ways depending on their attitudes. They might have a history of violence in their life, and dislike what they see as glamorizing that violence--or, glamor or not, just hate that it's there even in imitation because it reminds them enough of the real violence to get them upset or depressed. They might dislike it but learn to like it because their company expects them to toughen up, and it becomes a matter of showing something to be proud of like being blase about violence. And, it might ignite an instinct for violence in someone who takes that positively.

The first person might create violent media in an effort to show its true impact without the glamor. The violence wasn't the point, the impact was the point--but because the violence was there, the other two people below who are reading it might take it the wrong way. Okay, they'll take it the way that they'll take it because there's not supposed to be any such thing as a wrong interpretation.

The second person might create violent media in an effort to push the envelope of their influences and prove that they're cooler, although they themselves have no actual attachment but just want to pretend to be on top of the world that has shaped their behavior.

The third person might be unfortunately inspired by something that they hadn't thought up before, although they were always craving it. The result of that combination can be very unfortunate.



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Ellymarks explains it very well.

Exposure to violence may or may not cause people to either hate or like violence more. However, the more impressionable minds, though they may know violence is wrong will in time [the more violence they see] get inured to it's effect on others.

This in turn may cause them to consider violence as an option when in pursuit of something which they may believe has been [wrongly] denied them. So IMO, while the media doesn't directly intend to have those whom they reach to be influenced negatively, there just will be some people who will be convinced it's cool to be violent.



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I think that some people are attracted to violence. I have heard people state that have always been drawn to violent things. Even small children will engage in violent acts without ever being exposed to a single violent indecent. We have seen youngsters bite, pinch ,and, hit, yet none has done any of these things to them. So where did behavior originate , I think it is possible for some individuals to have violent proclivities.

Does the media promote violence, absolutely,  On the daily new the stories are filled with violent reports. When is the last time you heard  a news anchor report a positive and up lifting story ?  Today's Movies are full of brutal and graphic violence. The studio tends to think the more hardcore the film the better the attendance will be.

If you combine a media that is overly saturated with violence and a person that is uncontrollably drawn to it you can get a cycle that goes around and a around.



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I believe violence is a natural tendency of the human animal the same it is with most any species on the planet...except we do it out of avarice, greed, to dominate and control, or just for the hell of it.

Some people manage to overcome and over-ride that tendency and end up being pacifists, others are vicious bastards and just want to see the world burn for no other reason than they LIKE it. It's why we have murderers, rapists, violent sports and so on.

People want to say movies, TV shows, video games, guns and so on make people want to be more violent...well what about all the centuries there were no such things around? What was the excuse and scapegoat then?

Regulating guns won't change that. May as well try to regulate rocks, slingshots, sticks, chains, kitchen cutlery and so on.


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