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I was reading an article about Shakespeare, and the writer of the article contended that it was actually Sir Henry Neville that wrote all of the plays that we attribute to William Shakespeare.
According to the article, Shakespeare came from an illiterate family, and none of his children could even read either.  There is no record of him ever traveling far from London or his home nearby; but the plays were obviously written by a very competent writer, and one who had traveled to different countries.

None of the works of Shakespeare were even published until after his death, and none of his children were willed any copies of any of his works.
Sir Henry Neville, on the other hand, had traveled extensively, and was well educated.
He was imprisoned in the Tower of London for a time, and it is believed that he wrote at least part of the works attributed to shakespeare while he was in prison.

It turns out that there was a movie made about this very conspiracy, and it is called "Anonymous" . I have not watched it yet; but I found it for free on Youtube; and here is the link for anyone else who is interested in this possibility.
I had never heard of this before; but apparently, this has been a well-known and much discussed topic for many years now.  Look it up, watch the movie, and see what you think is the truth !




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I actually hadn't heard of this before, but I showed this thread to my boyfriend who is a big fan of old works like Shakespeare and he says it could be true but could just as well not be. He describes it as having a lot of "mumbo jumbo" regarding this topic. It seems it isn't just Sir Henry Neville that people believe may have written his works, but also various others such as Lord Francis Bacon, the Earl of Essex, the Earl of Oxford, Christopher Marlowe, and even Queen Elizabeth I.

According to what I found just now when looking it up the majority of people who believe Shakespeare's works were not written by him attribute his work to the Earl of Oxford or Lord Francis Bacon. I couldn't see Sir Henry Neville mentioned at all in either of the articles I checked out, to be honest! The movie that you mentioned there also has the writer of Shakespeare's plays as the Earl of Oxford, Edward de Vere.

It is a pretty interesting conspiracy, but not one that I think we ever will get to the bottom of & know the complete truth. There are tons of theories about it from what I can tell just from a quick Google search a consolation with my local Shakespeare expert (aka my boyfriend).


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