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It is completed! After literally HOURS of agonizing, mind bending, finger twitching pain and misery, my first official website is up and running. I exaggerate a little of course. It only took a few minutes to get it running, but hours to get it the way I wanted it to look. Kind of like my ex wife. But that's for another time.

Keep in mind it's only three days old. Which is only a couple minutes in people time. But, as you all know, I love horror. Movies, books, websites, conventions, toys....you name it and I love it! I was even going to invent my own line of Horror Icon sex toys. But I guess using real metal and sharp, pointy things didn't do well with the "test subjects". There was screaming. There was bleeding. There were cries for help. But enough about my last date.

I'm looking for people to do content work on my site if anyone is interested in writing for free. Reviews, opinion pieces about the genre in general, thoughts on your favorite flicks, books etc. That sort of thing. So if anybody wants to submit something it's really easy to do. Like me.

Simply email me what you got. Be sure to include the name you want to be published under (a nickname or real....it's your call), and try to be sure it's legible and has at least a sliver of punctuation! I'll edit and proofread it and as soon as it's "live" I'll email you and give you the link. I will do the promoting, but you can always feel free to share with your social media outlets as well. Let them know you are NOT the worthless, drunken pain in the a** they said you were dammit! TAKE THAT DAD!

The email is horrorcabindave@yahoo.com Be sure to write "Submission" in the subject line so I know it's not another spam message trying to get me to buy and marry a Russian woman from the internet. I mean, maybe one day I'll have enough money to support me and Olga, but not right now internets....not right now.

And if you're interested in taking a look, the site is horrorcabin.com

If you're not interested in looking, YOU WILL GET BUTT HERPES AND PROBABLY DIE! That's what that last chain letter said anyway. Don't judge me. I'm just the messenger yo!

Oh, and if anyone is wondering, the love of my internet life, Riri, is still pretty freaking hot and all. I hope she's okay when Olga shows up and we all have sexy times together.



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That's awesome! It's like rotten tomatoes for horror fans. I'll be checking this out every now and then when I'm out of movies and need a suggestion.

Good job man!



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You can do proper links you know! Your site looks great! Being a bit of a "pussy" I don't really "do" scary that often. But I love this, it looks great!



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Have you seen the korean film "White"? My god that kept me up all night until I wikipedia'd what the fuck happened ha ha.


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