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Sometimes it's hard for us to make competitions because we have such a wonderful and diverse group of people here. So we thought...why not ask the people what they want?

Requirements to Enter
- BunnyRabbitSex member.
- Have posted an introduction topic.
- Have requested a badge.

How to Compete
1. Post your idea for a competition as a REPLY to this topic.
2. One idea per post, but you may post as many ideas as you like. If you need to, you may also explain them, but only make the idea red, not the explanation.
3. Please make your idea red. [color=red]use these tags :)[/color]

Judges and Judging Method
We will hold a poll with all the ideas and members will be able to select all the ones they want to do. The vote counts determine the winners. Ideas will be in the poll in the order of their submission.

A poll will run for 30 days with all ideas in it.

Number of CompetitorsNumber of Winners
10 or More5

Due Date and Prize
All ideas are to be submitted by December 31st 2015. After 11:59pm on the 31st (forum time) ideas will not be counted.

If <10 members are competing, winners will receive:
1. 3 months of premium membership which includes add free, unlimited feature access, and early access to new features ($50+ value!).*
2. A badge for their profiles trophy cabinet to show off how awesome they are.

If 10+ members are competing, winners will also receive:
3. The opportunity to advertise their book or service on our site and in one of our email newsletters. The advertisement will be displayed in the left bar for one month (GREAT OPPORTUNITY) (Priceless!).*

*For each entry that wins, this will be won once. If two suggestions are winners from the same member they will receive the prize twice.



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Emotional firecracker

What I mean by that is the judges choose a feeling that you want to entries to convey. Be it happiness, fear, sadness, then people can write whatever they want, a poem, a song, a short story. WHAT...EVER...THEY...WANT!

Then people can vote by posting a comment or whatever, top ten are chosen the people vote for the best one. Winner gets a prize. I think this would help people get out of their comfort zones and deliver interesting results. :D



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Photo Comic

Make a comic strip out of photos. Everyone can do it! :D



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I like the idea mentioned about conveying an emotion. I was thinking it might be cool to do that with a word / sentence limit.

Another idea would be to have "Most Metaphorical", "Superb Simile", or "Awesome Analogy" competition, wherein the website submits a sentence or a simple idea, something plain, and then users make it extraordinary via the use of simile and metaphor.



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I wonder how people might like a vignette competition, possibly a childhood memoir or an early journal entry---from their youth? It could certainly be emotional--I love vignettes.


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