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SCRIPT: Jake Lennington
PENCILS: Jake Lennington
COLOURS: Gary M. Gadsdon and Leif Jensen
INKS: Gary M. Gadsdon and Leif Jensen
LETTERS: Jake Lennington and Gary M. Gadsdon

Pages 1 - 27 of Part 1 and Pages 1 - 14 of Part 2 were coloured in Paint Shop Pro, Pages 15 - 86 of Part 2 were coloured in Flash by Gary M. Gadsdon and Paint.NET by Leif Jensen.

Part 1:
Maggie and Eric go to Professor Frink's for a seminar. But they are accidentally teleported backwards in time by 12 years, and have to interact with characters as we see them now, will Eric be able to convince Marge that he's her son?
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