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Oh my gosh, I could not imagine did she not notice it was still there?! How could you let it go even further up inside you, that would be so painful! Wouldn't you smell really bad also? And wouldn't sex be awful afterwards?

A 38-year-old Scottish woman went to the hospital after contracting sepsis, and doctors found a five-inch long object inside her vagina that extended into her bladder.

The “Journal of Sexual Medicine” noted that the woman was not mentally impaired or depressed and showed no signs of abuse. And if she remembered the incident from a decade ago, she can’t be that absent minded. Our guess is that she was embarrassed, hoped the problem would fix itself



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0_0 .... WHAT!!!!! she forgot about it? and thought it would fix itself?!



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No wayyy !!!10 years!?  Omg! I mean maybe she was not sure if the toy was left inside, she probably thought was lost. It cannot be possible that she just let it go :O Same question here: What about sex?  :S



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I can't imagine that I would have something that is a full five inches stuck "up there" for an hour and feel comfortable, but for ten years?!  That sounds a bit incredible.  I watched an episode of "Sex Sent Me to the ER" once and, amazingly, a girl was brought in in extreme pain because she'd gotten a very small vibrator actually stuck in her urethra.  It traveled to her bladder and she actually had to have surgery to remove it.  I would think, in this woman's case, there had to be at least some discomfort, and for her not to at least try to remove it for ten full years is amazing, and a little scary.



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How big is a urethra?! Gosh. Honestly this whole thing is just over the top. Once you "lose" something....if it's not out by the end of the day or two days GO TO THE DAMN DOCTOR!! She could have had toxic shock from periods (she obviously doesnt use tampons) or anything wrong! She could have made herself infertile! She could have DIED, those walls are so close to blood that any infection could have caused sepsis.

Not to mention I think it's far less embarrassing to get it out after a day than after 10 years. Just some food for thought!



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I feel sorry for everyone in this instance. The woman and the doctors. If you think of all the reasons why, only two come to mind. Embarrassment and perhaps prudishness around sexuality. Two things that have been the bane of sexuality for forever.


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