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Hey! Was just wondering what ya'll do when not writing?
I make edits of Teen Wolf, Once Upon a Time, and Charmed. Just cutting, blending, and ghosting characters onto a different background, I really enjoy it. My most recent one was a Charmed edit of Prue Halliwell, and I dedicated it to Shannen Doherty in her hard time right, in hope it would bring her comfort and joy. It said, "Love and prayers to a strong and beautiful woman and witch." I direct messaged it to her on Instagram.
Other things I like to do include playing with my son, and watching movies with him. Other things are reading horror and murder mystery novels. Watching horror movies, and some clean romantic movies (not into to hot and heavy stuff), such as The Princess Bride, and Ever After. I also love watching Tanked, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, of course Charmed, Once Upon a Time, and Teen Wolf, Castle, Bones, Flea Market Flip, I Brake for Yard Sales, and cooking shows on The Food Network and The Cooking Channel. 



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I don't have a clue what this font will look like in print, but I guess something I like doing when I'm not seriously writing is experimenting with new fonts.  Ha ha.  OK, serious now.  Ahh, its great that you can spend so much time with your son, my kids are all grown up now and I never spent as much time with any of them as I would have liked.  Something called work kept getting in the way of it.  And then when it wasn't work it was something called my bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety coupled with a nasty habit of abusing substances.  Sorry, but its just the way it was for me.  Your son is lucky he has you and you him.  OK then, now that my mental issues are under control and my kids are grown up there is still is work to deal with but other than that my most recent past time has been gardening.  I always loved my mother's flower gardens when I was growing up so I immediately planted every possible space when I got a rental that allowed me to grow my own flowers in the yard.  I also put a whole lot in outdoor planters and finally discovered how they make the ones they sell pre-made at supermarkets look so good.  They stuff a whole bunch of plants in (far more than the you are advised to according to healthy spacing for different plant species and then you feed them plant food regularly so that they don't have to compete too hard for limited nutrients from the soil they are in.  Water them according to conditions and voila, beautiful planters.  No really, my planters were absolutely amazing though it was hit and  miss to get the right combination of flowers.  Then, much to my surprise, some of my plants in the actually garden beds, seeded themselves.  Now I have marigolds and one other type whose name I can't remember taking over everything.  It was surprising because most of the time plants are bred to be infertile so that you can't grow your own from their seeds and are required to buy seeds or plants from the store.  True it has only been a couple of types that have done this so far but its been neat never the les.  Now that growing season is over I will have to find a new hobby, but I guess I can always fall back on writing.  OK, then, who's next?



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Welcome to CB M.Linke!

I would LOVE to see your garden, that sounds amazing!! :D


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