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I often wonder if it would be a good idea to leave and find a tropical island where nobody can find you and where there is nobody around, just you and the peace.
Sometimes I find that there are people you wish to just escape from and be in the silence of your own home without having loud overbearing thoughts disturbing you. Sometimes it is nice to be in silence.



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I'm with you there, sometimes I wish I was in a LOST type scenario ha ha.



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I feel you on wanting to just disappear to a tropical island or somewhere else that nobody can find you sometimes. Okay - maybe a lot of times, not just sometimes. For me though it is a mix of annoyance from people around me as well as sever social anxiety that just leaves me wanting to tear my hair out when people won't leave me alone. I have plenty of people in particular that aggravate those thoughts in me though, and I've found that the best way to get them to leave me alone (without actually disappearing into the wilderness or to a topical island) is, quite frankly, to just ignore them.

It might feel rude at first but honestly, if someone won't leave you alone & they are really getting to you, its okay to cut off contact with them even if it is just temporarily. They might take offense to it, yes, but getting a break away from things that bother and upset you ever once in a while is good for your health. Don't let things get to a point where you can't take being around them anymore and might just blow up with anger the next time they approach you. Not saying you would do that; I'm more speaking from my own experience, haha.



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Yes, there are definitely times when above all else, I want to be alone.  I work in customer service so all day long I have to be polite and make idle chit chat.  I have to nod and smile at things that I can't quite make out, and pretend that very bad jokes are funny.  I have to put up with people getting angry at prices I have no control over, or store policies where again, I have no control.I have to deal with fellow employees, some of whom really shouldn't be in customer service and the people who complain about them have a right to. I have to deal with my schedule being changed on short notice or my relief not showing up for their shift and bright eyed bushy tailed co-workers who have just popped in to say "HI" saying how lucky I am to get the overtime but no, they couldn't possibly fill in for the missing employee, rather they make you stay there for another eight hour shift.  Yes, after a day like that, and that's describing a good one with no major hassles, I enjoy the peace and quiet that only comes from being alone.  Silence is under rated, so is being alone.  I enjoy other people's company so much more if I have been away form it for a while.  Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.  One is not the loneliest number after all.  An undesired two is.



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I'm with you there, sometimes I wish I was in a LOST type scenario ha ha.
If only I could go on a plane trip, crash on a beautiful island and live out my days in silence :P


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