How this can help you: This activity is designed to help you find inspiration in unlikely places, and learn to use it.

To complete this challenge: post your work in the appropriate area and use the challenge number: c14 to attribute it to this challenge. For more help see our challenge help page.

Sometimes we find inspiration in the most unlikely places, like the way the light looks as it makes shadows across an empty room, the way the wind blows items down the street, the smooth look of a high tech gadget, or a giant word typed across a screen....and that is exactly where you may find your next inspiration.

Another Day Another Word posts a new word every day. These words are completely random with no connection to each other, so you can be sure to get fresh inspiration every day if you decide to try this challenge.

The challenge options are as follows (do 1, do 10, go for it!):
For Writers:
  • Write a flashbulb memory based on the word you see. The first thing that comes to mind.
  • Write a short, 500-1000 word piece including the word as many times as possible, without overdoing it.
  • Write a piece about the word you encounter. For non fiction: Write about its history, or some interesting facts about the actual subject (if the word is coat-hanger write about coat-hangers, not just the word coat-hanger, for example).
  • Write a product description selling the word, for usage, or the subject of the word (if the word is coat-hanger, write a description for selling a coat-hanger).
  • Write a skit or short play/script about the word causing trouble in some way. If the word is coat-hanger, the coat-hanger caused the issue. If the word is cute, something that was/wasn't/called cute may have caused the problem, etc.
  • Write a public service announcement or public speech about the word you encounter. If the word is coat-hangers you may make a public safety announcement about using them responsibly. If the word is dinosaur, you may make a public address about creating dinosaurs, or controlling a dinosaur that got loose, Jurassic Park style.
  • Create a presentation with the word encountered as the inspiration.

For Musicians:
  • Try to replicate the word through music. You can make the sound of a wolf whistle on a guitar and a bass, why not try a word? Interesting new sounds may be found!
  • Write a song inspired by the word. This song can include lyrics or just be a musical piece.
  • Find a song with the word used in it by Googling "Lyrics: <word>" and create a parody of that song.
  • Create a DJ mix with the word included, or as a majority of the lyrics

For Illustrators and Artists:
  • If possible, create the word out of what it is. If the word is love, cute, or something abstract, use things that embody the idea to make the word on the page. Examples: grass, water
  • Create a piece that is inspired by the word encountered. If the word is coat-hanger maybe create a piece showing how they make you feel or what they make you think of. Be creative!
  • Create a piece that shows the word. If the word is coat-hanger, draw/paint/craft a coat hanger. If it's an abstract idea choose something that represents it.
  • Create a comic where the word is the punch line or a valuable prop in conveying the message you want to send (be it happy, sad, funny, etc).

For Designers
  • Design a logo for a brand that uses the word you encounter as their name. If the word is coat-hanger, their brand is "coat hanger".
  • Design a website, stationary, gift wrapping paper, or other thing with the word you encounter as a theme. If your word is coat-hanger maybe design a car with that in mind, or a boat, or a dress, or design a coat-hanger!
  • Create an advertisement for the word you encounter.
  • Create a layout for a magazine or website (or other thing) which uses the word encountered as a theme.

Have fun and don't forget to share them! Post your work in the appropriate area (poetry in the poetry area, etc) and use the challenge number: c14 to attribute it to this challenge. For more help see our challenge help page.[/i]