How this can help you: This activity is designed to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. This can be funny, magical, inspiring, you name it!

To complete this challenge: post your work in the appropriate area and use the challenge number: ac1 to attribute it to this challenge. For more help see our challenge help page.

Inspired by the above image, find a photograph of a head and reattach it to a new body with a piece of artwork. This could be drawn, painted, photographed, what ever you like, just use the head you chose!

If you like you can use more than one head. You can make a fantasy or funny picture. You could express a fear or memory. You could express a fantasy. Maybe when you get really mad you wish you were a giant sea squid that could crush buildings and throw stuff. Who knows! Let your imagination soar!

And your body doesn't even need to be human or animal! What's to say it couldn't be a plant or machine? ;)

If you have no photos of a head that's good enough to use, a quick Google Search like the one linked to will help you sort it quickly!