cappadocia is the most beautiful holiday destination in the world I visited last time. Although it is a wonder of nature, history and time have been intertwined. The reason we came here, one thing is very clear that the room you come here there is another world. Steppe soils not only Cappadocia this area is very spacious and just a little narrow Mercedes vito + daily Cappadocia tour we did just walk to the nearest 10 km today. Cappadocia briefly formed lava emerging from Hasan mountain. Of course this formation has been in the course of hundreds of years. The most cappadocia tours effective places here are the museum, which is under protection. The Cappadocia open air museum is the most important of these. We came here and realized that this is the living space of people. Also very beautiful churches are made. These are special cave churches. Christianity was born in the territory of the Middle East and then spread the soil in the Hmong secret that spreads between people and communities. The reason for this is more accurate to say the first century of the Roman Empire, Christianity initially Dusa Thani largest underground cities, so therefore people made more than 5,000 people here and people have made their religious worship in churches where hidden cave. For this they continued their life with bread and water and wine. Cappadocia is a beautiful natural wonderland, and after an hour of plane journey we came to the province of Ephesus for antique tours. Aydın province is located in the ancient city of Ephesus.

After leaving istanbul, we got to the city of Edirne via the highway to get there. First I tell you this. the silk road uses Caravansaries as a stopover place for the caravans coming from the Far East and Arame peninsula. The caravanserai was first built in order to protect the caravan roads during the Seljuk state. Here, the caravanserai does not charge a fee. After giving this brief information about the Lakin Caravansaray, there are private cappadocia tours many Ottoman empires and Caravanserai from the time of the State in the city of Edirne. These are classic stone structures. Beside this, I think Edirne OldCity is the most beautiful caravanserai made. This is now is very nice and serves as a luxury hotel. Edirne oldcity mosque is located right opposite to the caravansaray which is extremely beautiful. In addition, we look at the caravanserai from the upper floor, which is parallel to the city of Edirne Merich river can be seen here easily. On the Meriç river, there is a stone bridge which is the work of Mimar Sİnan. Even so, this stone bridge still serves today. The Caravanserai is a boutique hotel with very spacious rooms and large rooms decorated with Turkish and Ottoman decor. and the lower part of the restaurant has a very rich restaurant.

We checked in for the Daily Edirne tours early in the morning at 09:00 and found our tour guide waiting for us in the hotel lobby. After a brief acquaintance with our guide we immediately went to a restaurant that was within walking distance. Here, it is extremely tasty and alone, in the city of Edirne, the Tiger Kebab and then immediately after the sweetness of Almond paste is a very interesting taste and taste Badem. Edirne city made the capital city of the Ottoman State in advance. And after the conquest of istanbul in the time of Sultan mehmet from here, the capital city Edirne was now an ottoman emperor. The new head of the Ottoman Empire private istanbul tours has been Istanbul. Magnificent Sultan Suleyman's son Sultan Selim has asked Mimar Sinan for a mosque bearing his name. Mimar Sinan was made mosque of Edirne Selimiye that my masterpiece works. This structure, with about 4,000 people working, made the largest mosque in the Ottoman borders. Edirne Selimiye mosque is as short as 5 years. Selimiye mosque is a wonderful very large dome and there are two cheers in each minaret which are 4 thin long and extremely elegant. Inside it is very colorful and has great line letters. Selimiye mosque ceiling dome for more light
There are many windows in the part.


We went to Pamukkale which is located in Denizli province, which is quite far from Edirne city. Before Istanbul, 1.5 hours after the motorway journey and Istanbul airport with 1.45
We arrived on a beautiful plane flight with the Atlas Jet, which is minutes away. So we went to the 5 star hotel located in private turkey tours Denizli province without having the time to check the passport after checking the foreign lines of the Denizli airport. We really arrived at the hotel in the evening and we were early in the morning after a nice night to take in the day and the road tiredness in the room which was very spacious and reserved for us. I think we had to be ready at 9:00 am and we got sun glasses and a hat to protect the sun in summer. We were in the open air museum of Pamukkale with a private Mercedes car waiting for us. Pamukkale, surrounded by cotton fields and highly protected. The reason is very delicate land and for that reason it is forbidden to walk around with shoes all in PAmukkale. It resembles a white castle like cotton. Therefore, it is called pamukkale. At the top of Pamukkale heme there was an ancient pool of Clopatra without losing time and we entered here by getting a museum ticket. where it was built during the time of the Roman Empire It is believed. It is called a thermal pool with a temperature of 20-30 degrees. people are used here as a health center.