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Hi so questions when using water paints is there any techniques that would be good for first time users :)



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A mess of wet-on-wet might be inevitable  ;)

Wet-on-dry takes patience.

But one thing I always enjoyed was the use of wax resists. It's basically using them to draw a line that you can "color" (with paints) inside of. Rubber cement or frisket can be peeled off afterward and colored in. Crayon, especially white crayon or oil pastels, allow for some interesting effects.

And then there's chalk coloring for a finishing touch, which usually matches the softness of most watercolor textures.

Some watercolorists add salt for texture. Unfortunately, I live in the tropics where that just makes things worse. I don't love doing water colors so much that I'd run a dehumidifier just so that it turns out right.


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