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I thought I'd tell you about free stuff. It got Photoshop CS2, InDesign, Illustrator and some other things. I just thought this was interesting.



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I knew that Photoshop CS2 was free now (yay!!), but didn't know the others were. Thanks. :D



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Oh CS2 how I love thee! The last version to take ImageReady hand in hand. Oh how I love thee!! :D



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That's an excellent marketing ploy....give the masses the old stuff and they will clamor for the new!



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The free Photoshop is awesome.  Earlier this year I changed computers and realized I have to reinstall some software that I use frequently, like Photoshop.  I had that computer for many years so I knew I no longer had the license or anything. To my amazement, I could get CS2 for free.  It does more than take care of my needs so that was one of the best freebies in a while!  I don't need the very latest in layer management, masking, or exporting.

Another free but powerful image editing software is Gimp!



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CS2 is what I used to animate the smileys on here....but to be more specific the Image Ready part of it. They've integrated it now but I still go back to CS2 for the just doesn't feel right otherwise!!


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