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This is a song by Vienna Teng, "Gravity", which was made into a pretty music video:

and this is the other version of the same song with more relaxed instrumentation, called the "lake version":

I started to wonder what other songs might benefit from, not exactly changing the style, but...I don't know, whatever is changing between the two versions.

I consider Lorde's "Everybody Wants To Rule The World" cover as a lake version of the original, and it rocks.

Meanwhile, Emilie Autumn's "I Saved the World Today" could be a river version of the original.

Anais Mitchell's cover of the Tam Lin ballad would work really well with an uptempo, I think. Her version of Clyde Waters could be a river version of Kate Rusby's "Drowned Lovers".



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Actually there are a few bands out there that cover songs by changing them completely. My favourite is Apocalyptica because they do heavy metal as orchestra.

My fav is Nothing Else Matters. Original:


LMFAO hip hop/rap (I don't know):

LMFAO as not hip hop/rap:


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